4 Things Learned From “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”


#1 The term “wallflower” (I am slightly embarrassed, I must admit)

Prior to the movie, I didn’t know “wallflower” refers to someone who is shy or unpopular in social situations but may possessed some unexpressed talents.

#2 The positive impact of surrounding yourself with the right company

The movie portrays the life of a 15-year old and introverted Charlie who struggles with mental illness. Sitting through freshmen year would have been suffering if he did not befriend seniors Patrick and Sam (both are extroverted free spirits) who welcomed Charlier to their circle of friends and subsequently brought warmth and positivity to Charlie’s life. In school, he also connects with Mr Anderson, whom Charlie draws wisdom from.

It shows you the positive difference an empowering a group of friends can make in your life (especially when they genuinely accept you for the person you are). Your true friends will also be the ones who’ll stand up for you in times of trouble, as shown in one of the scenes when Charlie defended Patrick and saved him from being beaten.

#3 Everyone struggles one way or the other

While Charlie deals with his mental illness and disturbing past, his friend Patrick conceals his bisexual relationship with a famous school athelete. At the same time, Sam works hard to put her wild past behind. No matter how well they look on the outside, every one has pain/past baggages on the inside. Nobody’s alone. When there’s growth, there will always be pain. It’s inevitable.

#4 The importance of expressing yourself

Everyone has different avenues to express themselves and it is imperative to do so. In the movie, Charlie finds relief writing to an imaginary friend as a form of expression. I also see it as a mean for Charlie to put his  past hurts behind in order to move forward – something that I can do when there are stuff I need to let go. Write them in a book and shelf them.