4 Things You Should Ask Yourself When Deciding To Quit

Never EVER give up. Those are the words any successful person will say when asked for advice. For example, in almost all of his appearances/public speeches, Donald Trump would be spotted saying “To be successful, you gotta, number 1, love what you do. Number 2, don’t ever quit.” And no matter how you justify quitting, in Donald Trump’s eyes, you gave up.

But, should there be exceptions? In my opinion, yes. You don’t wanna be enduring a tough climb only to find out that you had been climbing the wrong ladder.

I think we should ask ourselves some of these questions when deciding if we are quitting as losers or that we are merely moving towards paths better off for ourselves.

#1 Am I moving away from something or moving towards something?

Let’s face it. Nothing is easy. In face of difficulties, you gotta ask yourself, am I quitting to avoid tough times. Or am I moving towards an experience that’ll enrich my life further? This blog entry can’t be more precise when it comes to this.

#2 Have I done what I am here to do?

In other words, have you passed your own tests? What did you come here to do? What did you wanted to achieve when you started? Have you met all your objectives? If you haven’t, you might want to think again if you should be quitting. On the other hand, if you have, feel free to move forward. Life is too short to be standing still.

#3 Am I in a position where I am betraying myself?

Those of you who read my profile would know that I quit my job and then started my own business. Back when I was working for companies, I came to a point where I felt extremely exhausted and worse than that, I wasn’t learning anymore; my life revolved around spending 12 hours a day (I also sacrificed my weekends) clearing voluminous work tasks. One day, as I was chewing on a sandwich by my work desk, I came across this video where Oprah was interviewing author Caroline Myss on her Super Soul Sunday program. Oprah asked “How do you know that you’re on the right path (that you’ve found your purpose)?”

Caroline answered these powerful words which was an awakening to me. She said “You know you’re on the right path when you’re not put in a position where you’re betraying yourself”. “You’re not in a position where you have to negotiate your sense of integrity”. “You don’t have to compromise who are you. It feels right.” Such wise words.

Those words pierced me like a knife because I was clearly on the “wrong” path and I was betraying myself right that moment itself. Chewing on a sandwich, working on a Saturday night. I wasn’t having a balanced life and I wasn’t learning.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t giving up. I merely refuse to give in.

#4 Am I holding on to prove it to others rather than myself?

Some people live for others instead of for themselves. They are in relationships with people whom their parents like. They are in jobs they think their community look up to. They do things to please others, and to be accepted by others rather than going after what they truly want. Similarly, people do hold on to things or jobs to prove something to others more than anything. Don’t be held back by your own ego or pride nor others’ perception of you. You only have one lifetime, which is to short a time for regrets.


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