11 Things Learned from “Jobs”

Over the weekend, I caught “Jobs”, a movie made based on the life of Steve Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. Quality of the move aside, the story is inspiring, seeing how Jobs evolved from a university dropout to the CEO of Apple as well as the amount of dedication he poured in throughout his life for excellence. After that, I thought I should write down these – as a note to self.


#1 Success comes with a price. Always.

#2 Success should be perceived as a journey, not a destination. Otherwise, one will fall into defeat as success seems far and lose all might to persevere to complete an endeavour.

#3 Love conquers all. Success is nothing without the warmth of loved ones to share it with.

#4 People skills either make or break you. You won’t succeed without good people skills, no matter how talented you are.

#5 Self belief and confidence can get you far. Put two people with the same amount of talent side by side, the one with stronger self belief will emerge more successful.

#6 You can’t attain success alone. You can and must with people.

#7 Always negotiate, even if you think your opponent has the upper hand. It is all in your mind. Negotiate like you have nothing to lose.

#8 Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

#9 Effort in excellence pays off, although not immediately.

#10 Always treat people fairly – especially people who believed in you at the onset, when you had nothing. They are likely the ones who’ll stay by your side when others turn their backs against you.

#11 People will only place belief in you once your dream (or any part of it) becomes tangible. So the only thing to do, is stop doubting and start showing.


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