How to create a website in less than 2 hours

I’m so pleased! Never thought in a million years that I can do this…ever!

This afternoon, I created a complete and functional website! Probably everyone out there already knows how to do this (except me) and that I’m just overly excited. But I am! For someone who knows zero about websites and a tech dummy, this is one big achievement.

And it didn’t take long. I created my business website in less than.. ok, I was slow…I took 4 hours. But if you’re already into blogging and stuff, you can probably do it in less than 2 hours.

I’m really pleased that I transformed this boring looking default page…

noctane - before

into this!!

noctane - after

You may think that I easily took this off from the WordPress templates selection (which I did!). But I made my own logo.

I also nicely laid out the services we offer..

noctane - services

..inserted a smart looking price table on my page and

noctane - packages & rates

included a contact form that works!

noctane - contact form

I also learned how to

# create my own domain

# install themes

# install plugins (and also what plugins are..of course)

# insert icons (like the social media ones) you usually see on webpages

# change the logo on the header

# insert location map and a video and many other things I never knew.

My website is not near perfect but I’ll definitely be working harder on it.

I never would have done it without this guy whom I stumbled across on youtube. Can’t believe how generous this dude is sharing all these knowledge, while putting many web developers out of job. LOL. Tyler Moore, you’re a genius!

If you’re looking to learn a thing or 2 about building websites, this is the guy you should look for on youtube. His videos are quite lengthy but every bit of it is informative!

Have fun learning! 🙂


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